Targeted Gift Giving Improves Recipient’s Experience

Have you ever gotten a really horrible gift? Many of us have. This must mean that many of us have given a really bad gift in the past or are bound to do so in the future. How can you keep this from happening in the future? The complex world of marketing could teach us a thing or 2 about gift giving.

By targeting the gift to each different recipient—giving them what they are passionate about—you guarantee that the gifts that you give won’t wind up in the garage(unless they are cars). Everybody is passionate about something and by giving them a targeted gift, we show them that we actually care about their likes and dislikes and want them to be happy.

Lets say that your Dad really likes to play Texas Hold em Poker, but as a result of the recent internet gambling issues doesn’t play online anymore. Instead of getting him the usual—whatever that may be—don’t you think that he might like a set of poker chips, maybe a Texas Hold em Poker table, and some cards. For people that are passionate about Casino Gaming, there is a new Monthly Gift Club available. The 1st ever Casino Game of the Month Gift Club from allows you to give the perfect gift to those close to you who are passionate about playing casino games.

Targeting consumers is not a new concept, and most of you already target the way that you do some of the things in your life. This is just taking that same concept and applying it to the people in your life that matter most. For all of you, like me, that are passionate about enjoying life and playing casino games there is finally a place to go to get the most targeted gifts.


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