Poker has been compared by many to a competitive sport, and no sport is complete without the proper uniform. Here is some poker apparel that many players just won’t do without.

Marcel Luske wears his upside down. Greg Raymer’s have freakish holograms over the lenses. Players like Phil Hellmuth and Chris Ferguson swear by them. Poker has once again made it cool to wear sunglasses indoors and many players love these tools for hiding their eyes from tell hunting opponents. There are a number of different varieties of sunglasses you can get. Some places offer extra dark lenses, so not even the most eagle-eyed opponent can tell what’s going on behind the shades. You can also get wraparound shades, if you’re worried about the guy next to you peeking. And of course, the eye hologram shades that Greg Raymer made famous are now available almost anywhere poker sunglasses are sold.

Almost unheard of in the days of road gamblers, the baseball cap, with its long bill to help hide a player’s face, is now ubiquitous on the poker scene. Many players like to use the front of the cap to advertise their favorite online poker sites or tournaments. If you like the effect of the baseball cap but don’t enjoy full headgear, you may opt for a poker visor instead. Whether made of standard material or the classic tinted plastic, the visor is another piece of equipment found on the head of many a poker player. If you prefer the classic road gambler look, you may want to opt for a cowboy hat, like the one worn by Doyle Brunson. Some players think that a cowboy hat suggests a heavy action player, a handy device for someone who doesn’t want to waste crucial poker chips building a loose image.

Poker Shirts
The World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, and most of the major online poker websites now offer specialty shirts featuring their logo. You can get t-shirts, polo shirts and even jerseys bearing the designation of the site you like to play on most or the tournament you like the best. And who knows, if you get spotted taking down a final table wearing their logo, the site might just want you to join their team!
The right poker apparel can give you confidence, enhance your identity at the poker table, and generally improve your experience from poker games. Of course, in the end, while the stuff you wear may be cool, finding the correct combination of bluffs, folds and raises to win the tournament is still up to you.


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    thats one thing about I like when you are playing poker in vegas you can have many drknis as long as you pretend to play poker even if you dont have any money left..lols:)) and you can see also many chicks passing,playing,dancing and etc.. I love vegas .

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