Sportsbook Live Casino IS A SCAM!!

Here's what they emailed me if you don't believe me. They stole $100 from me while I was playing, which made me think I lost more than I did. Obviously this affected my play adversely and I lost even more because of it:

Dear JXXX,

Regarding our new Live Dealer and your recent plays, after checking your information, we can see that are owed $100 for IDs 279025X, 279028X, 279030X, 279036X and 279044X. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. These funds will be credited shortly.

Should you require further assistance on this matter or any other, please don't hesitate to reply to this message. Your reference ID for this email is LTK57201485096X; please quote this number in any further communication on this subject.



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  • I am totally agree with Christos, live dealer casino is one the greatest inventions of this century. I love this games with real croupiers.

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  • Thanks for this great and informative article. Basically i knew some of the things you told but some are very very super informative things.

  • Looks like they admitted the mistake. Shit does happen! You should give them a little credit for that. I would ask them for some compensation for putting you on tilt. They probably won’t give you any cash but maybe a turny entry ticket or something. Good luck!

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