A big hello

Hi guys and girls,

Will be posting regular blogs on here about my poker games on Stars! My name is Carl Sampson and you may have read some of my poker articles in poker magazines like Poker Pro Europe, Online Poker Pro and Bluff although I don’t write for any of them anymore.

I also used to write for 2+2 as well and have three books published. These days I am grinding the NL50 and NL100 full ring games and so am not doing anything spectacular. However I have been a cash game player since around 2002 when I started playing limit hold’em full time.

I switched to playing NLHE in 2008 and my game has sort of gone through a revolution of late. I took hold of a good poker coach some weeks ago because I felt that my game was getting a bit stale. I have had a mediocre year results wise and my earn rate from 2008 and 2009 has halved and so I felt that either the games were getting too tough or my game had deteriorated.

Needless to say my game needed some fixing and now I am back with a bang and the past few weeks have been very good. My main problem is that I hate grinding the hours. If I can get my head right then I have been hitting 10ptbb/100 over a six week period which is the best that I have ever done.

Anyway keep a look out for my weekly blog.

Carl can be seen at www.pokerstars.co.uk/poker/getting-started/free-poker/


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