php poker source code for sale

We have no limit poker software for sale.

uns on every device including blackberry/iphone/andriod/mac/PC

Runs in php/mysql, scale to unlimited online users since it runs on apache.

Does No/Fixed/Pot Limits

Multi-Table tournaments (hold a 10,000 player tournament if you want to)

Ring Game, and sit n go’s

Created with a sort of like CMS in mind to allow every aspect of the game to be customized based off the owners needs. A nice admin/backend panel.

Users can review all the history of every hand/game they played and everything is tracked.

Can be converted into a turnkey money making platform with a flip of a switch.

We have a fully developed plugin/api system to interface custom code into the game.

We have a theming system to allow every display object to be customized without having to modify core code.

Multi-Language adaptability every player can set his/her own language to see the site in. (Spanish/English/French etc.)

Can be integrated into social sites such as facebook, or any other site that has a user/login

including all CMS’s such as joomla, wordpress or phpBB.

Our software was tested by some of the top security experts in the world for vulnerabilities and exploits. Unlike every flash poker room or downloaded client poker room, ours prevents cheating and just doesn’t allow people to modify it since it is 100% ran on server side.

Since ours in written in PHP it is very easy to find a programmer or to even learn PHP to modify any customization’s one might need. We are also around to code custom things as well. We also provide updates with an auto update feature.


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