Sound of a Suckout PokerDIY Review

In order to expose PokerDIY to the masses I have been looking into different blogging services and adverts. I decided to try ReviewMe, which acts as an mediator between advertisers and bloggers.

I picked one of the top poker blogs and requested that they do a review of PokerDIY and the services we offer. To be honest, I was rather nervous as you agree when you sign up that the review could be positive OR negative, depending on the reviewer. I did not have a say in this review at all besides the inital introduction to PokerDIY.

So I was happy to see that the reviewer gave a very honest, useful review of PokerDIY- you can read the full version here on Sound of a Suckout…

My favourite bits were the emphasis on the social networking side of things (indeed, this is exactly what we are trying to achieve, our slogan is “Connecting Poker Players” after all!

As mentioned the scoreboard side of the Leagues are under development (and looking good I might add!) – they should be up by the end of the upcoming weekend, and then you will be able to enter Seasons, Games and Player details against your league… stay tuned…


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