AK To Shove Or Not To Shove….HEM Filters

A dilemna upon us. I need some help with Holdem Manager Filters, anyone out there? I cant seem to get the “allin preflop” to work properly. This all arised out of a question from my poker group. Is it more profitable to shove a short stack all in with Ak when a raise is in front of you? Or when you are first to open with AK (no one raised in front of you) then c-betting the flop if you missed then giving it up if any one continues to play/call your cbet? Is either of these choices better than the other?

Cracked AA today twice with JJ, it was hilarious….Man O Man was JJ hot for me today, made alot of money with that pair today. One time its was against 2 players with AK, other with AA, Again two players, one with AK, the other with AQ, and the other time it was just heads up against AA, oh yeah, my KK also cracked AA too. It was a lovely day cracking aces, while only once was mine cracked. Yeah Baby. Cya


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