Short Stacking 50BB…Trials And Tribulations

Well, I am into day 3 of moving up into the FR 50NL games. I would like to see whether I still break even playing here or lose a ton of money. My bankroll is doing okay, got an injection of $485 for two bonuses already in Sept.

I have to play alot of hours as I dont play more than usually 8 tables at time. I have managed close to 10 hours and alot of freakin points a day.

Day one was horrible. I guess I was still in the 20BB shove mindset. Not happening in 50BB tables. I was trying out play the blinds when blind on blind to much of a disaster. To top it off my biggest lossing hands for the day were KK and QQ, they knocked the heck out of my roll that first day. Everybody folded like a sheet every time I raised. (I have since fixed that)

I have since picked myself up, dusted off and have come back roaring. I have 3 days of winnings now, including today, though not over, and of course this is jinxing me lol

Its very intricate play I must say, and since only usually playing 6 tables partly cause they are tiled and I can watch all the action/play at the same time. My HUD is coming in really handy these days. Helps alot with table selection and what kind of players at my table. I must say I am becoming more player dependent than card dependent YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cya


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