Poker League Import Fixed – Total Cost = Buy In + Rebuys + Addons

A while ago a league director raised an issue – bascially they were importing poker game results from the Tournament Director and the league scoreboard was not taking into account Rebuys and Addons, which meant that the profit column on the scoreboard was not balanced.

This was an annoying oversight but I am pleased to say it has now been fixed. I’m just sorry that it took so long!

The Buy In column on all views has now been replaced with a Total Cost column.

Total Cost = Buy In + Rebuys + Addons

If you do not play with Addons and Rebuys you will notice no change in your scoreboard except for the heading name change. If you have been importing games from Tournament Director then your scoreboards will now reflect the correct amount. Let us know if things don’t add up!

I’ve updated our Poker League Software Feature Comparison grid to reflect the fix.


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