Well do you? I do. If there is one thing I have learned from the old timers here in Vegas is that you have to have plan, you can not play by the seat of your pants. In our last meeting I was told to not look at my cards (till it was my turn to play) this way depending on the action in front of me I would know what my hole cards should be in order to play accordingly (this is for live play).

(for online play) Finally (via short stacking) I have a plan for every single hand I play online. I know exactly what I am going to do preflop and with which hole cards to do it with. I know what I am going to do if there is a raise or multiple callers preflop. I know what I am going to do if there is 1 limper, or multiple limpers. I know whether or not I am going to 3 bet or fold. Do you?

Post flop I know exactly when and when not I am going to C-Bet. I know exactly when I am going to fold and give up on the flop (whether I hit it or not)…I know exactly what I am doing in every single hand do you?

It took me years to figure this stuff out and its only coming together now,. Now I am a winning cash game player Yeah Baby, cya


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