QQ Crucified, AK ruled Bankroll Update Day 2

Day 2 started out really bad, my first couple of sessions (over 1900 hands) I was crushed with a loss of $64.00.  The next couple of sessions saw a okay come back of +35.00 for a total loss of 30.00 over the next 4,000+ hands.

QQ got killed by AK 2x,   JJ, 88, 66,+ KK

AK got killed by KJ, + AJ……..Villains Ak was a killer to me!

It was really bad, none of my c bets were making any money, and all of my steal attempts failed for losses.  So at the end when I got 1/2 of it back I had tightened it up abit, less cbetting, and NO stealing.  Here are the grand totals over 2 days, remember I need 13,705 pts, $285.00 and hopefully this is over 72 hours, or 61,000 hands in 15 days.  Looks like I am behind by $46.00 and every thing else is inline.  The $ may be easier to make up hopefully.  Even If I make less $ its still an +EV proposition

12.25 hours, 9,662 hands, 2,195 pts, -$8.05


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