Private Poker Leagues and Poker Widgets on Facebook/blogs

Before today private leagues were total hidden from view unless you were a poker league member. This was great but came with a bit of a side-effect – you could not embed your poker league on your own website/blog or put it on your Facebook profile.

This was for technical reasons – your website/blog/Facebook is not a user on PokerDIY and therefore does not authenticate with PokerDIY, which means that it is treated as an anonymous visitor, which means that your PokerDIY scoreboard would show the “Private League – Access Denied” message.

This meant that private leagues were unable to use public poker league widgets, which was a bit of a drawback…

We made a change today allowing private leagues owners to further refine their privacy options – you can now make your league hidden on PokerDIY from non-members but allow public poker league widgets. Which means you can embed your league on your own website.

You can then control who can see the widget on your own website (ie. you could hide it behind a log on screen) or just leave it visible for all. Bear in mind that anyone who visits your website/blog/Facebook profile will be able to see just your scoreboard or stats and your member player names. If they try to click on the league link or get more info they will be shown the normal “Private League” message on PokerDIY.

You can read more about embedding your poker league on your own site or browse our Poker Widget FAQs.


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