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Nov 24
Private Poker Leagues and Poker Widgets on Facebook/blogs

Before today private leagues were total hidden from view unless you were a poker league member. This was great but came with a bit of a side-effect – you could not embed your poker league on your own website/blog or put it on your Facebook profile. This was for technical reasons – your website/blog/Facebook is […]

Oct 27
Your poker league scores on the Google Toolbar

I use the Google Toolbar in Firefox and stumbled across a cool use for it! Put your home poker league scoreboard or personal poker player stats directly into the toolbar. This means you can access your poker league scores from where-ever you are with a simple click… Here is a screenshot of my own player scores in […]

Aug 27
Add your poker league scoreboard to your own site/blog/Facebook

If you do any of the following this may interest you. Do you… Run your own home poker league? Have a league website or blog where you post the league scoreboard results? Have a iGoogle, Netvibes, PageFlakes or Facebook profile? Play in your own home poker games? If you answered “yes” to any of these […]

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Mar 11
Do you use Facebook and PokerDIY?

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you use PokerDIY? The good news is that you can now log on to PokerDIY using your Facebook account. This means one-click log ons and a lot more! Before we go any further – are you a PokerDIY-Facebook fan? If not, please join our Facebook fanpage as this helps […]