Do you use Facebook and PokerDIY?

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you use PokerDIY? The good news is that you can now log on to PokerDIY using your Facebook account. This means one-click log ons and a lot more!

Before we go any further – are you a PokerDIY-Facebook fan? If not, please join our Facebook fanpage as this helps us immensly!

Now, the next time you log in (top right), click on the Facebook button (see login image below).

Log on to PokerDIY with your Facebook account

The first time you do this you will need to associate your Facebook account with your PokerDIY account. This only takes a few seconds and will save you lots of time in the future! You will need to log on to Facebook and it will look something like this:

PokerDIY now supports Facebook Connect

Once you have associated your PokerDIY account with your Facebook account you can log in with one click. There are a couple of more advantages that will become more obvious later – we like to stay on the cutting edge and you will be sure to see more Facebook features on PokerDIY and like-wise more of PokerDIY on Facebook! Did you know you can already embed your poker player profile on Facebook (or your own blog/website for that matter?)

If there is anything in particular to do with Facebook that you’d like to see on PokerDIY please let us know!



  • Note: The FB Connect login button is now at the top of every page when you are logged out, so it’s even easier to connect to PokerDIY with your Facebook account.

  • really liking your site and the info on it. Facebook / Fconnect is the wave of the future. Way to be in there with the quick implementation. POWER

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  • Hey Joyce,

    Thanks for letting us know that facebook account can be counted on PokerDIY..

    Well..Recently we launched a new Community on sportsbettors and sports fans regarding sportsbooks and other betting tools, Here you can discussed your information or ideas freely with our members..

    “Do follow us and keep up blogging”

  • Hi guys,

    As a newly registered user I like to say hi to everyone who uses this forum. I am a newbie to this forum. I am NYK from Canada. I am glad to join your wonderful forum. Thanks


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