Enterra Poker Desktop Software Update for the best online gaming experience and higher profits for Poker Business Owners

Enterra, software development company, today announced the latest poker software platform update and the new features that came with it. There are several changes concerning tournaments, system security and in general more than 30 enhancements for both Client and Server.

Most of the features designed from the player’s perspective were applied to Client. In order to simplify game process for novices Enterra included the hint feature to show the possible best hand during the game. Enhanced game replay and hand history features have brought more transparency to the system. Other notable changes are each player financial statistics.

Extended Game filtering options in Lobby screen quickly refine the lobby table list to the games a player is most specifically looking for to join. There are player search facility, favorite seat feature, and user skin upload. Enterra has added an advanced poker player ranking system. Any user can manually resize tables as large or as small as he or she wants without losing high quality of the objects display.

Due to the tags system, poker room administrator can segment players easily. The system opens up new options for Business Owners. From now on they can manage players more efficiently, apply multiply loyalty programs, introduce multilevel bonus programs and organize special tournaments. The intelligent anti bot system guarantees only real people presence at the table.

With the supplement of the localization feature, Business Owners can add any language to the system and make the game multilingual. The poker game is more then ever appealing to the target Poker players as it uses their native languages.

Despite all the improvements, Enterra claims that the load time in comparison with previous version has been shortened. Enterra has set new server configuration and optimized seats sending in the protocol (communication between Server and Client). All in all Game Server output traffic is reduced in up to 5 times.

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