Tony G: French poker players worst in the world

PartyPoker pro Tony G continues to stir emotions with his provocative proclamations and constant challenges. In his newest blog, the Lithuanian discusses France and the standards of its poker players.

Tony G has become known for his provocative declarations and constant challenging of the poker status quo, often delivered through his personal mouthpiece at the PartyPoker blog.

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Now, the Lithuanian-born Australian is back with yet another of his trademark statements, this time directing his wit at the whole nation of France and its poker playing population.

Looking forward to playing to WPT National Series at the Aviation Club in Paris in February, Tony G describes the opportunity of playing a tournament on French soil as highly valuable.

“The main reason I am looking forward to it is I think French tournaments offer huge value for players like me,” he writes.

“I'm not even one of the world's best players but I'm a one man donkey squad ready to get my jaws into all those French fishies.”

“In terms of poker nations I would argue that France is right up there with Russia competing for the title of the country with the world's worst poker players. Think about it, which French players have had a Napoleonic influence on the world circuit, online or offline?” the PartyPoker pro rants.

Tony G: French poker players worst in the world 1

In order to prove his point further, Tony G reveals that he is willing to take on a selection of the best French players in a special Sit & Go.

Playing against Bruno Fitoussi of ACF Poker, WPT Bucharest winner Guillaume Darcourt and three online qualifiers, Tony G will here battle for a seat at the WPT National Series $10,000 High Roller, to be played on February 13th.

“Anyway France, here’s the challenge – I want to start a poker revolution, I’m here to chop your heads off and make you eat cake. This is Tony G v France! I am here to give you my guiding hand, make you less emotional and teach you not to overplay KJ,” he concludes.

“I will bring my bike, I will wear a stripey jersey – hell I will wear onions around my neck if you think it gives you a better chance. Look forward to seeing you.”

The World Poker Tour National Series will feature more than 25 tournaments in all formats and variations, kicking off tomorrow on February 1st.

The culmination of the series will be the $5,000 WPT Diamond Championship Main Event, set to be played from February 9th to 14th.

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