Poker League Software Update – Start your own poker league NOW!

Firstly – I apologize for the little bit of downtime we had to have on Saturday (28th) morning. We had to make a few changes so we thought we’d give the site a breather while we did that.

Now, the good bits – here are some the nice little features we’ve implemented in our custom poker league software (thanks for the suggestions!)

  • Added Average Profit to League and Season scoreboards (Good idea – checkout my home poker league for an example)
  • Members can now send private messages to all members in their leagues (was League Owner only previously)
  • Added new view “Latest Leagues” for League and Homepage (check out what other peeps are doing!)
  • Added “Add a new Game” to League Detail screen to save you having to go through Seasons
  • When you add a new game it now goes to the new game after saving
  • Add Players from an event has been moved to the Game Detail page (makes more sense here)
  • Profile caching for performance gains (you should notice the site is a little nippier hopefully)

and of course the usually little bugfixes…

This was actually only the first phase of the poker league software overhaul – the next major version will feature Tournament Director integration so you can export and publish your league results on PokerDIY and share them online! There are also loads of useful little views and features coming up – for example, your profile will show how many games your have played, won and lost etc. (is this a good thing? 😉

Don’t be scared – you can’t mess it up – why don’t you start your own (free) online poker league now. If you don’t like it, just erase it, but give it a try – you know you want to!

For those of you who don’t want your own online poker league and are interested in our poker freeroll leagues, you’ll like this new view we’ve implemented! Checkout the “Freeroll League Top Earners” under the “Freeroll Poker Leagues” tab on the home page. This is also visible on the Poker Leagues page under it’s own tab. These PokerDIY members have earned the most free cash doing what they do best – playing poker 😉 If you want some of that lovely free green stuff then you should come and play in one of our freerolls – they free of course and you have nothing to lose – it’s always good fun and we have some great banter on the tables, although everyone seems to take great delight in knocking me out 😉 Bring it on I say…

Stay tuned for the next update!


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    Glad you liked it! Let me know if you have any questions on poker leagues!

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