Yesterday turned out to be a peaceful day. I lost, started to tilt and quit for the day. WOW….I did manage to lose to much money, but still have a BR. Only played like 1,000 hands.

I did do some leak finding based on my stats since 50BB strategy, along with looks at my set mining. As far as set mining goes it will be for 77+ pretty much the consensus I had verify.

My agression/3betting is extremely weak. This is stupid, but I would 3 bet the LP stealers with mediocre hands from the blinds, yet I was NOT 3 betting my premium hands. The thinking was 3 betting premium hands made the less money (Not verified, just my opinion for another blog)…The whole freakin object to 3 betting is stealing OOP with non premium hand and hitting it big when having a premium hand. Do I make sense, I know sometimes its questionable. Heres some interesting hands from this a.m…..Your thoughts always help me out. Thanks.

Poor Play

On the button with 55 and cutoff min raises (just us two) I call. MISTAKE!!!! This should of been a 3 bet period, regardless of the the out come….(he had J9o)

Good Play??????

KK UTG+2 with a tight table (gooe read on my part) and limp, MP raises, button calls, and so does the SB, oot is 6.75, I reraise to 12, and they all fold.

KJo folded to me on the button, so I raise 3BB, and get 3 bet by BB who 3 bets alot, I mean alot. I shove 4 bet (I only have 50BB to begin) and he folds YEAH


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