Okay, here is the next strategy. This one comes from Jim Rose/Chris Ferguson. Jim Rose said if a pro had one move to make with AA, KK , QQ and AK what would it be? To shove of course. Jim claims to have used this system over months on the las vegas strip playing 2/5 with a min buy in. Claiming any where from 28hr, to 37 an hour. Ferguson did a 20K challenge (this was mostly a bankroll challenge) which I am sure u all heard about. Supposedly he was using the above system do to bankroll constraints.

I tested this system for over 5,000 hands and surpisingly I lost, but listen to these stats!

these 5 hands came up 54 times they say one in 40-45 or 2.5% of the time. . I lost 5 shoves, and won 10 shoves where I was called…..These hands with 49 wins total, 5 losses. I still freaking lost money UNBELIEVABLE…..your thoughts? I did notice that my shoves not called (38 times) may be suited better to 3xBB raise then shove flop instead of shoving pre every single time. All thoughts and ideas appreciated. Part lll Tomorrow cya


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