I hope the poker gods won’t get angry!!

Hey there! I didn’t play too much poker in the last few days but managed to get something like 1,5k-2k hands. The first thousand hands was really horrible for me, I was pretty much card dead, and when I finally made a hand, I was reraised preflop by nits. I lost 3 BI at 2NL mostly from non-showdown winnings which is most disappointing. So I just walked away from the table since I felt I wasn’t playing my A-game.

I had a gig with my Band on Saturday at my home village. Outdoor. It was really nice! I had a really great time playing music with my friends, and of course, when there’s a show, there’s is drinking 🙂 . I had a blast that night. It had been a long time since I got drunk like that. The party finished around 5am, and I had to get up to work at 8am =/.
If any of you is interested in hearing my band, you just have to go to www.kemilon.com

Now enough with my personnal life, let’s get back to that last 1k hand I haven’t told you about. So I just had one of those crazy session. I think I never had that much made sets on flop in that short amount of hands. Everytime I had a PP, I limped to a raise preflop (If it was 22-99) and had a set on flop. I made 5 BI total. Of course even if I flopped the nuts alot of time, most players fold, I don’t expect anyone going AI everytime against me when I get those type of hands. But Still, 5 BI is REAL REAL good for 1k hands, whatever the blinds.

There is a hand that I won some good chips that I would like to share (Uber Brag on here).
I had some monster hand on flop, and was completly destroyed at the turn. On the turn I had put omamia on an Overpair. I really don’t like my play here Reraising AI, I guess I didn’t remembered he reraised me preflop because I was multitabling like 12 table 6 max. So I made the AI, I’ll let you check the hand (BTW my SN is La Christ1)

PokerStars Game #31491943147: Hold’em No Limit ($0.01/$0.02 USD) – 2009/08/11 1:01:23 ET

You guys remember all the coolers u had and told yourself OMFG wtf is that. This has to be the sickest suckout I made since I play poker seriously. So I just hope the poker god’s won’t be angry with me since I’m obviously bragging 😀

Btw, my Bankroll is now of 89$. Things are going great, I’ll try to get more hands in the next few days, until then, good luck all!



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    [email protected]
    August 12, 2009 at 12:54 am

    Hey Rod!

    And you are just right, I didn’t see the Hand Replayer 🙂
    That might just be ALOT useful eventually !
    Thanks a bunch for sharing this and editing my blog post!


  • Avatar of rodders
    August 11, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Hi Christ,

    Thanks for sharing – out of interest, have you seen the Hand Replayer (link on top right)? I have edited your blog post to show you how it works but you can do it yourself next time if you like 😉


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