Over the past couple of years PokerDIY has been through 2 different UI redesigns. One of the most common complaints in the last year has been that PokerDIY is hard to navigate. We wholeheartedly agreed with this statement and tried to work out what was wrong with the UI that hindered usability.

We came up with a few different areas that needed improvement:

  1. The main menu was hard to navigate and a great deal of information and resources were not being used because of this
  2. Certain key areas of the site were hard to find (for example, the Poker Forums)
  3. Many visitors come into sub pages on PokerDIY and do not see the home page first. We wanted to help them identify where they were and what they could do
  4. We wanted to increase the value of adverts for our sponsors and advertisers

The new skin design addressed on all these points and focused on usabilty. As you can see at the top of this page is a Breadcrumb which helps pinpoint your location within the site. We made the search box a lot more prominent – if you can’t find something we encourage you to search for it. We also made it easier to sign up, log in and edit your profile. There is now a Bookmark button at the top right of every page. You can bookmark your favourite pages in Facebook, Digg etc. with ease.

The main menu got our main attention – it uses hover over drop-down menus to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Instead of 12 different menus we now have only 6. Things have been moved around a bit to make them easier to find. Every page is a little bigger and brighter and more spaced out for easier reading. We switched from Arial to Verdana font as this was easier on the eyes when scanning lots of text.

So… this is the new PokerDIY look. We hope you like it! PLEASE feedback to us your thoughts, opinions and especially your criticism – this helps us so much! 


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