My Recent Starting Hand Selection for OHL8

Before I begin I have been wondering. While surfing the internet over the weekend I found a website reproducing/sharing this websites blogs. This seemed interesting as my last post says I had 194 hits in 48 hrs (this number is not moving much now). I ve never had comments (mostly never) and my blog isnt ever rated.

I wonder if people are really reading my blog or is a site taking hits for me? I notice as soon as I post within an hour it gets like 45-60 hits wham bam, not sure what that is. Heck, the main reason for blogging is for people to really read and of course its pretty remedial for me to look back see where I’ve been and am now. Is anybody really really reading this? Hope to hear from ya.

So after playing this past sunday I noticed a few things about starting hands and scooping pots. I am to the point that all my hands every being played currently has to have an Ace in it period. There’s the occasional 235x or something close to that, but its got to be cheap to get in and have odds, but I feel if theres alot of people in the pot there’s no ace out there hitting the flop?????. I’ve been folding non suited Ace-3 (unless another low card, or two paints in my hand) otherwise this is a really easy fold. Most of my money sunday came from AA hands. All my A2 hands were worthless over like a 4 hour period as they were counterfeited or completely missed the flop. That leaves crap Ace suited hands, any ace suited hands. These crap ace hands tend for me when they hit turns out to be scoopers for alot of money. So there’s some commentary on hands being played in OHL8, we will finish this soon. Cya


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