Wish me and the wife a happy anniversary…..7 yrs of putting up with me. Congratz honey. We’re heading out to a free lunch by the casino then to Vin Diesel and The Rock in Take Five. Suppose to be some good action, then we’re heading to our separate casinos to play.

So I’ve been reading a good Hi lo book and discovered that checking the turn and betting the river is not a good idea….let me explain. So you have a draw to what ever and you bet the flop and the turn is a brick. When the turn was a brick I would check and maybe get a free card on the river. River comes I hit my hand and bet then everyone folds?????? That’s because if they dont hit a hand or been calling you down on a different type of draw THEY WILL NEVER CALL A RIVER BET if they missed. So how do you play that? Always bet the turn and check the river if you miss? I’m not sure about that.

Another leak I think is playing my ace suited hands and I dont mean A2, or A3. I had A778 suited and flop came AA7, what a flop man but I was in the blinds which helped abit. I think I need to stop playing any suited ace regardless of the other cards. I have gotten to the point of only playing hands with a suited Ace.

I’m gonna start playing the following only to see how it goes….A2, A3s, AA, four cards ten and higher, and 4 cards 6 or less. I am finding these hands can be pretty elusive for hours on end and it gets pretty frustrating. I may throw in A3 with two paint cards. Have a great sunday. Cya


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