I managed to play 15.75 hours this weekend for a profit (nothing to write home about) but yes I won. I did not play today easter sunday as decided to stay home and study then head out to the movies later.

It was an interesting mixed bag of games. Friday night was initally pretty scary as I was down then made a major comeback for a nice tidy profit playing high low 8. Saturday was way different. I lost playing high low 8 at The Orleans. The wife was patiently at home waiting for me so she could go out (together) to another casino. We went to Green Valley Ranch which is turning out not to be my cup of tea. they dont have High Low but occasionally the 4/8 limit, but it dont last and the one table usually collapse by midnight (if your lucky, cause its usaully earlier)
Now I am down from the 4/8 limit, and down from High low. Cant leave Green Valley cause my wife was still playing her machines.

I decided to go for NL cash game. Bought in for 200 and played cautiously as I have not played cash games forever now. I played pretty tight, and the first table had some bullies raising alot preflop and I called a few hands that were possible hidden monsters if I hit. The bullies left I made a few steals to keep me going. Table changed to a limpy game which I was much more happier and easier for me to play. I managed to win a couple of big pots (not with the nutz either) which made me ahead for the day. Holy cow, NL made me positive for the day……Yippee
Next post is on the difference on what +ev tables are compared to -ev tables which was a huge learning lesson I experienced Saturday. Cya


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