A Tale Of Two Tables

While playing this weekend, I brought alittle notebook with me to record a few things, like how many players were seeing the flop, how many hands were dealt an hour and how much I spent in tips for winning hands and drinks (non alcoholic that is)

I had been reading up on OHL8 and wanted to make sure I was at a loose table, whats a loose table you asked? Thats a table where atleast 5 players are seeing the flop on average. My strategy was based on that. Having that many players seeing a flop in a 1/2 kill game really causes some big pots. A 4/8 game becomes 6/12 and that happens alot. Interesting enough I was basing my hourly wage on 4/8 but it should be based higher cause of the kill.

When you dont play that many hands its real easy to find your marks (bad players) to play against. so after playing in a bunch loose games I hit a road block. I was at a table and the bad players were running out of money and they werent being replaced by the same type of players. I started to worry that maybe my table was gonna change from loose to tight. I requested a table change and got it.

Guess I should of really studied the table I changed to ahead of time cause it WAS NOT LOOSE. At my new table no more than 3 players were seeing the flop and one would fold so it was heads up every hand from the turn on. With the rake and being heads up on a split pot you would still lose money or best break even. It wasnt even worth playing. I played for over 1 1/2 hrs at this table there was not one , I repeat, not one hand that was a kill pot.

So now I know when and what kind a table I really want to play at and will notice it at the right time and either quit or move or take a break. It was eye opening to say the least. Cya


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