I Can’t Fold AK…..A Side Project

I feel sick, and I need help. I fold AJ, AQ all day long, but when it comes to AK I have a mental problem. Why can I fold AQ, AJ preflop and post flop if I have to and lose the least amount of money.

It seems with AK, its a whole nother story. Is there any one else out there with this problem? Is there help for it. I think I will have to mandate a separate strategy for playing AK and not sure which way to take it. Any suggestions?

So, I am thinking maybe (this issue only occurs if I am first in and raising 3BB)…If I get reraised I shove, no problem. The problem is getting called (my 3 BB raise) and seeing the flop which I missed. I know cbetting is profitable for me no doubt, but the turn miss is a freaking killer. I seem to always think the villain is floating me and he has zip. Not the case at the lowere stakes, they play their hand, and if calling they either have a draw (which they might even shove on you) or hit mid/top pair (you have over cards obv)

Would it be more profitable to just fold AK every time after a cbet is called period. I think this will be my default play and after about 10k hands we can see the results. Thanks for listening, cya


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