So I read this article on set mining that blew my mind away. Its the complete opposite of what I believe is the standard. What do you think? Can you tell me your stats? Here is the link.

So after reading it I realized since I had been playing 20bb SSS I never played my pairs below 77 and (and as a side point, never played any of my draws). Now that I am at at the 50BB tables I am playing alittle more poker or atleast learning. I have to be aware of my steals, and villains stealing. Blind on Blind battles and so on.

So I started playing regardless of position all my pairs. Obviously they are winners, but not as I thought. I have played them all +90% of the time, and as being considered a nit, this has opened up my hand range tremendously. My numbers concurrently dont concur with the article though. Here they are.

5 days, 14,000 hand, 894 pocket pairs, avg VPIP is 89% and 30 sets- pairs made $798.00 and of that 798 $315 was from sets made on the flop or turn. The only losing pairs are TT, 99, 44, + 33. Here is the weird thing, the loosing sets are JJ, and 33…….HMMMM. I think my %’s are off….pairs only 6.3% of the time and sets occurring only 3% of the 6.3% when there is a pocket pair. Sound right to you? cya


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