Add league players from your Address Book/Gmail/Hotmail etc.

A new feature went live today which will help poker directors with big leagues get started a lot faster. 

In the past you could only add 1 player at a time if they were not registered on PokerDIY. You can now add a whole stack of poker players at once to your league AND you can import them from your Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail/other contact address books!

To give it a go, click on “Add new Player” on your league and go the “Add Players via Email” screen. Click on the big “Add from my Address Book” button and chose your email provider (don’t worry, we don’t store your email username or password, promise!). You will then see a list of all your contacts in your email address book. You can then add these people to your league.

A little side note that league owners may have noticed – when you add league players like this they are added as your friends instantly (we assume you know them!).

I’ve updated the Poker League Website Feature Chart – Keep the feature requests coming!

Add poker league players from Gmail/Outlook/Hotmail/Yahoo address books

 Add poker players to your league from your email contacts


  • Sure LDA – go ahead! We want to make it useful for all home poker players…

  • This is a good posting, I was wondering if I could use this write-up on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away

  • The Intro forum is moderated so posts do not appear instantly – perhaps that is it? Would you mind posting further questions on the forums so we can save this thread for the League Enhancements?

  • Rod i have another questions. I cannot post in the forum. I mean sometimes yes sometimes no. I managed to post two comments in the section about the freerolls but i do not succed in posting for isstance a message in the Introduce yourself section. Why? I click on post but it just reloads the page without posting the message.

  • Hi Fedor – sorry, I can’t help – I am not running it – ask on the event tourney wall and an admin will help you. Have you read the Freeroll FAQs?

  • Hi i know this is not the correct spot but i would like to know how i can get the password to take part in the poker event freeroll at I preregistered but the poker client asks me for a password. I am talking about the poker event scheduled on september 20th

  • Note: This feature also allows you to import an email list of poker players from a .CSV or textfile. Click on the “Other” option to import a list of emails…

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