Team RedKings makes it to day 3 in the WSOP ME!

So far there is no player with a RedKings shirt who has left out from the doors of the Amazon room, not allowed to come back. Day 2a is another success.

Ivo “the chessmaster” Donev, played stable all day long, and never really put his tournament life on the line during the whole day. It is amazingly hard taking any chips from Ivo, and he is always very aware of what type of players he is fighting against and is able to change his game after how they play. Ivo is leaving the day with 116.500.

Ramzi Jelassi has also made another glorious day, even though he had a few set backs, but he always fighted his way back by stealing and stealing and stealing. “My arm hurts after all the raising I’ve done today, seriously” is one quote that could summarize his day, in the end he must have been involved in 80% of all the pots and winning maybe 90% of them. This gives him 107.300 for day 3 on Friday.

Toni Ojala, our Finnish champion had a day without any big action, he lost one pot early with A10 vs 10J, and then he doubled up with AA vs KK. Then of course he was involved in some smaller pots, but nothing major, the cards wasn’t on his side today, but to be able to make it through the day shows that he is a poker player that can play the players and not only the cards. 60.700 for Toni.

To sum up things we had 1476 players entering this day and 630 of them got a ticket through to day 3, the average for them is around 94.000, but that is not an official number. They are all playing on Friday as there is a free day on Thursday and day 2b tomorrow that is another day of action as we will have 4 RedKings players playing!

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