Great Poker End to 2008 and Start of 2009

Poker wise a great 2008 for me. shows my game improving from 60.98% at the end of the 2007 to 97.17% in 2008 (and, I was up to about 97.6% in early Dec.).

Dec. 28 saw my biggest success in FullTilt’s “Extra Holiday 100K” – a holiday promo they ran which cost 2000 frequent player points to enter. I was able to satellite my way in for about 1400 pts (I only needed about 1100 to get into the “Holiday 100K” held a day earlier). I liked my solid finish of 2059 out of 10,000 players on the Dec. 27 Holiday 100K but my final table appearance (again, out of 10,000 players) that Sunday was far better. I was 3rd going into the final 9 but Js and 9s (both times versus A/K) had me out in 9th after only 8 or 9 hands. I’ve blogged about this one at: https://pokerdiy.com12/holiday-100ks-on-fulltilt-in-books-cpl.html

This year started with a bang when I took out FullTilt poker pro Esther Rossi in the daily 4K Guarantee HORSE tourney. Why does it seem like I always outlast the pros??? Though, this was first time I’ve busted one. It was nice but, I know, a better known pro would’ve been nicer. More on this at: https://pokerdiy.com01/karaoke-phil-busts-poker-pro-esther.html

All this leads to my 2009 resolution of posting more – both here and at my CPLPoker blog. Hope to see you all around and hope your 2009 is prosperous.

Karaoke Phil


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