Well its just about officially closed. The Saraha on the strip was the BOMB back in the day. The rat back, Frank Sinatra the good ole boys were regulars there. The beatles even stayed there. They did have a great popular fri and sat nite tournament, I hear they moved that over to the Stratosphere kitty corner to the Sahara just down the stip.

So its official. I am playing OHL8 100% when I do play. No more messing around with holdem, its just omaha high low. I will be playing at the The Orleans prolly a 100% of the time. Its a great place to play, not on the strip so there’s alot of locals that are there just to pass time away and give away money. Theres even so youngins showing up on the weekend giving money away. I was surprised there yesterday, for a Sunday they had 3-4 tables going and plenty of weak, real weak players including some tourist. I wouldnt normally expect such a great crowd on a late sunday afternoon (dont the tourist go home on sundays?)

I am actully down for the month, but got plenty of time to work it. If I breakeven it would be okay. Dont want a losing months. Cya


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