While heading to a show at Palace Station to see Louie Anderson I discovered the 4/8 limit game there is played with 1/2 blind (not 1/2 kill, well yes 1/2 kill too) so BB is 2 an SB is 1 and to limp is 2 but if raised its 4+2 for 6 to go. Very interesting, I also discovered that its played that way at the The M casino too.
I am heading out there tonite and playing tomorrow to. I am still tossed between OHL8 and 4/8 limit, I am so wishy washy, lets see how it goes.

I also inquired for some coaching from a mutual friend who is a 1/2 NL grinder here locally for live play, she does well. She’s in with Linda Johnson and Jan. We’ll see how that turns out, its looking like for sure my last day at work will be 6/29……????? scary, cya


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