Gambling and Dating: What do They Have in Common?

People that enjoy taking chances will get a kick out of both gambling with love and money. On one hand, finding someone that is right for you involves wagering time and energy with the ultimate outcome being love. On the other hand, gambling can help you win money. Is there something to be said about the two of these ideas together? Here are some things that gambling and dating have in common.

Partner search and gaming machines

The first way that dating and gambling may resemble one another is through the overall gamification of dating. In the present day, gambling and dating take place in the online realm. There, you will rely on similar actions to wager and test your luck. Many dating sites, such as, rely on the principle of swiping, the results of which will suggest the best potential matches. This often resembles a game whose ultimate payoff is love. While it might seem like a rather tenuous link between the two, it’s a sign that people are looking for the dopamine hit of meeting a potential date or striking a jackpot. You can also relate the two ideas together through the idea of optimal, moderate, and negative outcomes. You might find a date that is perfect for you, someone you can work with, or a dud. The same idea applies to gambling, where you might get a jackpot, a modest win, or lose money on the deal. The similarities between these two concepts are very interesting to examine.

Regambling and dating apps

Another general similarity between online dating and gambling can be found in the development of apps. The concepts of dating and gambling have evolved a great deal over time. In the past, a person would have to meet a partner in-person and go out to interact with each other and test their romantic compatibility. The same can be said of gambling, where you would need to go to a casino or other approved gambling establishment to test your luck or skill at various games of chance. With the advent of new technology, both dating and gambling were able to occur online. Not only did this give people more freedom and approachability to dates and gambling, but both faced a negative response at first. People were worried that they would bet on a person that was not who they claimed to be, and they were also worried that the gaming sites were not secure enough for their finances. Over time, both industries built a high level of trust with their users and wanted to offer them a way to access their particular brand’s services. That led to the development of apps that let people find love and gamble at a moment’s notice and from just about anywhere in the world. Both dating and gambling overcame adversity and gained followers that enjoy their products a great deal.

Poker tips for relationships
While we’ve made some surface connections between gambling and dating, it’s still important to consider the more direct relationship between the two. If you look at poker, you can find many different rules, tips, and guidelines that are equally useful for winning a hand and staying successful in a relationship. While having a good poker face and bluffing are two half-joking applications, there are many others including:

  • Two of a kind are better than a high card

Finding your best match is more important than finding someone that is only attractive for their looks.

  • You should know when to fold

Not every relationship is meant to last. Know when it’s time to call it quits before things start to get ugly

  • High-stakes games offer high risk and high reward

When you’re in a relationship, you can keep making things more and more serious by intertwining your life with your partner. That means moving in together, buying a house, getting married, or having a child. It’s high risk because the collapse of the relationship has greater consequences. It’s also highly rewarding if it all works out.

  • Wait for things to play out

If you’re playing poker, you have to wait for things to develop. You need to see the other cards on the table before assessing the complete value of your hand. Your partner might not be everything you want in a person, but they could add value to other aspects of your life. They might be great with kids, offer security, or do other things that are more important than looks alone.


There are many ways in which dating and gambling are similar. They both entered the online world in the same fashion and continually develop with the aid of technology. In fact, there are even some lessons that are shared between the two actions. The next time that you are dating, let your gambling mindset do some of the decision-making, and you’ll end up in a better position.


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