First blogged poker session

Joined this site last night to discuss my ongoing target. I plan to emulate that of Chris Jesus Ferguaon. However unlike him i have started with $50. at the moment i am sitting at 280.

I Started top build my bankroll by playing 6 handed $3.4 SNGs on stars and grinded my way to $200 where i started cash. Posting $12 on 10 25 cent tbles. After a damn lot of grinding i got to 250 and decided i wanted more action to win quicker.

Therefore i have decided to play four tables of $20 at 25 50 cent tables. A little naughty i know but if it fails i will drob back down. thankfully yesterday i won $30 and now my poker blogging friends you have been filled in on how i made it to $280.

So far today i am up $40 nevertheless ive been playing for four hours. not a great wage $10 an hour lol.

i have had a few very interesting hands. For example i had made it up to $75 on one of my 6 handed tables and was holding AK. I elected to raise to $2 it folds round to the small blind who pops it up to $6.5. Didnt have a great read on his style so i just flat called.

The flop comes down Ac Ks Qd

of which he bets $5 a ery inducive bet into a $13 pot. Most people would just raise it hear and now but i sensed strength and decided to just flat call of which a 4c came off a meaningless card but i still felt strongly that i was behind to QQ. My opponent fired another bet of $13 of which i decided to fold having put him on QQ.

I asked in the chatbox what he had of which he said J 10 for the nut straight and was sik at me folding.

Ive only been playing for a couple of years but i feel like my reads are getting better and i stress to anyone starting out to trust in their reads youllll make bad folds but i would rest assured youll save a lot more cash in the long run.

i wish i got a dollar every time my dad says i have to call(even though he thinks hes behind)because id be a damn rich guy. Please dont addopt this approach trust your reads and choose to fold it will pay off.

My bankroll is now sitting at $300 which im extremely pleased with after the hand i just stated which would have cost me $50 if id have pushed all in.


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    [email protected]
    November 3, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    Yes, keep lets us know how progress goes – I wanna know if this is possible!

  • Avatar of rodders
    October 25, 2008 at 12:41 am

    hey No1_publican,

    Awesome stuff – turning $50 into $280 – no banks give interest like that 😉

    Keep us informed how your bankroll does…

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