First I am sorry for kinda letting you all down and not blogging recently. I got really fed up being a break even player. I made the bonus, and the points. I DID NOT MAKE ANY MONEY, though I didnt lose either. I was so deflated. Poker Stars has specials for bonuses this month and I will take advantage of them. I have been playing .50/1.00 limit multi table to get a ton of points. Damn I cant even win playing that, such is nofoldemholdem. I then played some Omaha and OF COURSE BROKE EVEN

So here is my next venture…………I will play the 50BB min tables for the min buy in and I plan on stacking off based the book “Professional No Limit Hold ’em” I will be working out of the chapters to do with Top Pair/Over pair stacking off. I am hoping that my shortstacking days will payoff with doubling 50BB instead of 20BB. cya


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