This is a really simple planned strategy for short stacking PS 50BB tables. This plan is having a plan in the first place. Okay, here it is, first of all there is No shoving your stack. These tables are filled with 100BB players, while you have 1/2 that amount. No true short stacking here for 20BB.

My plan is to bet the max I can preflop, pot the flop, and then pot the turn. This will have me all in (on the turn) (You may stretch this out abit depending on your type of villain you have). I am using my HUD now as I didnt when 24 tabling do to computer issues. For this strategy I will play 4-6 tables tiled using my hud with table selection being very important.

What to bet and when…..I play stacks (2 bets) for TPTK, or Overpairs. This is the plan, no TPTK, or Overpair, no play. That simple. EXAMPLE……

AK in the hijack seat. one limper, I raise, he calls ( incl blinds pot is 5.75) flop comes AT5. I bet 6, he calls and the pot is 17.75…….I had 25, -2.5, -6 leaves me with 16.50 for a pot bet on the Turn all in. This is done with only TPTK or OverPairs.

So my hand is planned out pretty much from beginning to end. I play specific starting hands that can flop TPTK or an overpair. If I hit I am going pretty much all the way with the hand. 3 Betting is part of this strategy preflop too. I will not initially be working on stealing much as I tried that yesterday and got killed, made mistakes, and darn KK and QQ were huge losers yesterday (will fill u in later) I am doing much better already today refining this simple plan. cya


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