desktops, ebooks, headphones, digital photo frames, MP3 players

To give a couple of examples, an HP Mini Intel Atom netbook went for £85, while a Compaq AMD Dual Core laptop went for £110. For the final price, you need to add a 15 percent HSTNN-C17C buyer premium and then 20 percent VAT on top. Also, neither computer came with an operating system, so that would need to be factored into the final cost.

It was certainly interesting to see how many genuine bargains were on offer; with bidding on some items, especially Apple products, particularly fierce. I was told that during the week those attending the auctions tend to be independent HP 432306-001 Battery retailers looking to pick up a bargain for their shops, while at weekends the auction house is more suited for the general public.

Simply put, it was fascinating. There were over 1,000 lots going under the hammer covering everything from top of the range iMacs and MacBook Pros through to Sony Vaio laptops, Acer netbooks, HP  HSTNN-DB31 Touchsmart all-in-one computers, desktops, ebooks, headphones, digital photo frames, MP3 players, monitors, printers, scanners and loads more besides.

Still wasting 5-10 minutes per day shutting down your laptop in the evenings and starting it up in the morning? It is a relatively trivial matter to set your laptop to “sleep” mode instead, triggered either by the power button or when closing the lid. I’ve been doing this since last year and find recovering from sleep mode to be a snap at just 2 to 3 seconds on average.

This is particularly invaluable for sales executives or employees who bring their laptops home. Setting your laptop to sleep mode does tax your HP 440772-001 Battery slightly as some power from the battery is required to maintain the contents of the memory. I’ve personally found the drain to be imperceptible even with a few hours of moving around.

I’ve never understood users who remove their laptop battery when plugged into an AC outlet, which I feel negates its convenience and portability somewhat. The fear of over-charging is an irrational one since laptop manufacturers have already put in multiple, automatic protective features to ensure that lithium-ion laptop batteries don’t explode or burn at very high temperatures if overcharged.

This means that  never happens. In fact, your modern lithium-ion battery is designed to permanently “brick” first rather than overcharge. On the other hand, I’ve seen poorly designed laptops dump exhaust heat onto the HP 436281-361 Battery , which does indeed shorten its lifespan.


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