Daily Preparation in Poker

If you are a professional poker player, then you must take heed of the word ‘professional’.
It is important that you structure your playing in much the same way as a shopkeeper prepares for a day selling groceries.

You need to remain fit and healthy, which means you need to exercise and eat well. You need to have a set routine and an office that is clear of distractions. And you need to sleep.

There are varying views on the amount of sleep that a human being needs to operate at peak efficiency. Most tales are of an eight-hour minimum rule.

But the author, psychologist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, believes that the human mind can operate on fewer hours after his experiences in the concentration camps.

As always in poker, the answer is ‘it depends,’ as each individual will be biologically different from the next. The old adage of ‘no two minds think alike’ is quite apt when it comes to the amount of sleep that an individual needs in order to play Betfair Omaha poker well.

This is why it is essential for the professional poker player to have a method of reviewing his or her own game. Only through honest and detailed analysis will a player be able to ascertain sleep deprivation as a reason for a poor performance on the felt.

The Grocer, who turns up to work with just a few hours sleep, each day, will eventually get fired. His work ethic will drop and his performance will suffer. Don’t let the same happen to your poker game.

If you feel tired when playing, then make sure you get to sleep earlier the next night. Eventually you will find the right amount of sleep you need in order to maintain your professionalism in tournaments on betfair.com.


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