Am I A Winning Player? A Very Interesting Stat

Lets set aside my current challenge for a moment (actually this probably is why the cash part is losing). I am a winning player this month. I played 130,000 hands, I won $269.00 Yes, I am a winner but under what circumstances?

I played 40 hrs a week, won 269 or 1.69 an hr, winning 1BB/100. Yes, I did not lose money. I feel horrible with this winning month, do you really understand how I feel? How unhappy a winning player feels?

What I did discover was that my staple hands won over $4,254.00 and $3993.00 of that came from AA-JJ, AK. To be honest with you I am not that into being a great player or anything like that, just a winning player making money is all I want. I dont care how I do it either. Its established that I suck at deep stack poker so that goes out the window.

I will start using the sklansky/chubokov hands for stealing from cutoff/button/small blind. I will cut my use of AQ, AJ, TT as they are only winning 35% of the time compared to the above better hands at 82% yet when AQ< AJ, TT used on button/cutoff, they win close to 70%. This is how I will maximize my winnings. Todays experiment, Yep, thats what I will do, cya


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