AA Winner Or Loser…..How Do You Play It?

I was really surprised that some of you all thought that AA was the losing hand. My AA is a 91.5% winner for over $1728.00 (191,000 hands) seen 874 times (25NL) and that equates to close to 2.00 each time seen. How do you play AA? Do you play it differently than KK? Do you play it differenty based on position? Do you play it differently if raised in front of you and behind you (u r in blinds).

The answer is yes, yes, and yes. I play it all different ways, I seem to get the most money by being out of position and calling a preflop raise, and when the flop comes I donk bet which usually induces a reraise or shove which I gladly call. I use to be afraid of AA when ever I played deep stack poker cause the losses hurt so bad, but not anymore (as you know I short stack) and now its one of the most exciting hands I get to play, cya


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