Learning the big lessons of smaller stakes strategy

I went through a bad time a couple of years ago with my NLHE. My game stagnated and the games became tougher which is a fatal combination for potential profits. As I have already said then I managed to get some really good coaching recently and last week showed my first 30 hour poker week in ages. Gone are the days when in 2003 and 2004 I was grinding 60 and 70 hour working weeks playing $5-$10 and $10-$20 limit hold’em.

Limit just got so much tougher and the best players at levels like $30-$60 were amongst the toughest in the world. The solid pros who were underneath them moved down into my levels and multi-tabled them. I didn’t have the same dedication and suffered as a result. These days I figure that profits can be guaranteed at no limit hold’em under three conditions…..firstly your game is solid.

When I mean solid then I mean that you make no big errors. Secondly that you play lower levels and thirdly that you are not greedy. Trust me when I say that $100,000 per year is possible without being a great player. That is simply $50 per hour playing 40 hours per week. If that sounds a lot then imagine $5/table per hour playing ten tables and suddenly it sounds a whole lot easier. NL50 is a solid level filled with regs and technically proficient players……but they are not the “All Stars” and you don’t need to be Tom Dwan to defeat them either.

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