Your own Poker Player Profile URL

Good news! From the 23rd of June, you are now no longer just a number on PokerDIY – you can have your own poker player profile URL (you may have seen this happen on Facebook recently too!)

Your Display Name is used at the end of the PokerDIY URL (like this; https://pokerdiy.comem>) to give you your own unique URL which you can give out to people.

For example, here is my own poker profile:

This is unique – no other person on PokerDIY can have the Display Name “rod”. I can now put this on my business cards or add it to my MySpace profile and this URL will always link to my PokerDIY player profile.

You can make your Display Name anything you like – it could be your first name, full name, the name of your dog, or even “Death Adder” if that’s what you are in to.

You can change it as often as you like, but bear in mind like any brand it is best when it is left to mature.

Log in to PokerDIY and edit your profile now to check or change your Display Name/PokerDIY URL.

Let us know if you have any questions, feedback or feature requests!


Privacy and PokerDIY

Remember that your Username, full name, email and full address is never shown anywhere on PokerDIY. Only your Display Name is shown to other users.

Technical Blurb

Your Display Name is the public name that identifies your player profile to the other poker players on PokerDIY.


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