Website Update – New Functionality – RSS Feeds and Store

Another busy week has passed and work on PokerDIY has not stopped! We’ve introduced some new features:

  • Blog, Forum and Article Feeds
  • The PokerDIY Branded Label store
  • The online Poker shop in association with Amazon
  • Screenshots of the Groups, Games and Leagues functionality
  • And loads more little tweaks and changes to make PokerDIY easier to use!

If you do not yet know what an RSS feed is, I encourage you to read up about it (this news site has a nice, high-level overview) – RSS Feeds can save you a great deal of time by “pulling” the info you want from a site so you don’t have to visit it each time.

For example, if you added this blog feed into your RSS Reader of choice (I personally use SharpReader, but there are hundreds and it is personal preference), then you would be notified of this post, without having to even view PokerDIY. The reason it is so useful is that you can collect a whole lot of feeds on subjects that interest you, and be notified when there are new updates. There are 3 main feeds on PokerDIY – this Blog Feed, the latest Forum posts feed, and the Articles and Tutorial feeds. I suggest you check it out now if you have not yet used this wonderful technology.

The PokerDIY Branded Label store is great for showing your support of PokerDIY and help spreading the good news about our free services to help you find home poker games. Check out the kit and we’d love it if you bought some stuff (we have tried to make the clothes as affordable as possible, and we’d love to see any pics of you wearing the label! We’re starting a Forum dedicated to pics of PokerDIY members showing their support so get snapping!)

The online Poker shop is something we set up with our partner-in-crime, Amazon. We went through all the poker-related stuff on their site and picked some of the more useful or interesting items. Have a browse of the store here if you need to buy any equipment for your home tournaments.

In order to help show non-members how great and useful PokerDIY is, we’ve snapped some screenshots of the Game, Friends and League functionality to give a brief demo of how PokerDIY can help you organize and manage your leagues and games, and meet other people who want to play poker. You can see the Tour shown to non-members by logging out and clicking on “Take the Tour” on the home page.

That’s about it for now – we’re still implementing some cool changes, and have some massive improvements planned, but keep on eye on this blog and you’ll hear from us soon!


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