Watch our little poker community grow!

You may have noticed an increase in activity on the poker Forums and a lot more people joining your poker groups in the last 6 weeks. We’ve had more growth than ever and PokerDIY is fast becoming the web’s largest poker community.

I’ve noticed a lot of new users playing in the PokerDIY freerolls (for example, last month in the CelebPoker freeroll we had 13 players, and this month we had 19- almost a third more!) I really enjoy chatting to new PokerDIY members – there’s always good banter on the poker tables too!

I put up a little table of the latest stats (they are cached for half a day or so, so check back tomorrow) – you can now see how many active poker leagues there are on PokerDIY (remember that a lot of players use PokerDIY for their private home poker games and you won’t see their poker leagues on the leagues page!). I keep track of our scores for our home poker games, but I made it public so you can see a live example (and we need new poker players sometimes)

Poker Players: 4953
Poker Leagues: 97
Events/Games: 180
Poker Groups: 245
Freeroll Prizes: $528

(compare this snapshot (17th April, 2007) to the current stats on the home page)

The same is true for the poker events – some people use PokerDIY to schedule their home poker games and track RSVP’s etc – you will not see any private home poker games in this case (if you are a poker game organiser try PokerDIY’s custom event management software next time – it’s free and easy and you’ll wonder why you never used it before!)

The number of poker groups has increased dramatically this year – it’s a very useful way of “grouping” different poker players – this is handy to communicate with them. For example, I personally have a couple of private poker groups – “My Friends” (my close friends, normally from London and who I play special poker games with) and then a poker group for an extended set of mates who I invite if we need another player. I also have an online group of poker players who I know I can rely on if I need an online poker game. Lastly, I have a public poker group for London which I manage – if we are playing live home poker games in London then I occasionally let some of these people know (if you live in London and play poker, join this group – we may meet sometime on the table 😉

The “Freeroll Prizes” is the sum of ONLY the PokerDIY freeroll league prizes that have been given away so far. For example, last night’s Titan freeroll was for a $100 purse. If you want some of this cash then join a freeroll poker league and come and play!


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