Want to play in free online poker tournaments and freerolls?

We currently have an exclusive arrangement with 3 of the top poker rooms (CD Poker, Titan and SunPoker) to bring you free poker tourneys every month!

Requirements for each poker tourney vary, but are usually very simple, like ensuring your Poker Player profile is filled in or posting an introduction on the poker forums. We don’t think this is unfair – at the end of the day we want everyone to get to know everyone in the poker community! We are all friends here 😉

So… if you are bored on the weekend (most poker tourneys are usually played every other week) – then why not join one (or all!) of our freeroll poker leagues? It costs you nothing, and you get to play for real cash prizes and a spot on the league scoreboard, where your name will be up in flashing lights on PokerDIY!

There are a couple of ways that you can be alerted of a new poker tournament (they are normally the same time but each poker tourney gets set up individually so we can monitor RSVP’s and give out the password). The easiest way is to point your RSS reader of choice at our upcoming poker game feed. You will be the FIRST to know about the new poker freerolls as it will ping you as soon as it is published!

The second way is by keeping an eye on the Upcoming Poker Games. If you are logged in then you don’t see all the distracting blurb at the top of this page and you can see at a glance which poker events you have not replied to as they will be highlighted in red if you are invited but have not yet RSVP’ed (you have to log in and view a specific game to RSVP).

And finally if you are a very busy person you can wait for the email invite to arrive in your inbox. Be aware though that some mails are caught by spam filters and you will be one of the last to know, so if there are limited places it’s better to keep popping in and checking PokerDIY.

When you find the poker game you want to play in, then ensure you follow the requirements (if any) and RSVP to the event so we can give you
the password to play. This password will appear 3 hours before the poker tourney starts, and you will need it to register on the poker room where the tournament is being held. You HAVE to RSVP to see the password, and you must meet all the requirements – if unsure please ask on the forums so we can help you get set up before the game.

If you do not have the poker software for these poker rooms installed then follow the links on the PokerDIY event. It is important you go through this route so the poker rooms know you come from PokerDIY. You do NOT have to deposit any money to play in the Freerolls – you can just install the poker client and start playing…

Lastly, if you have NO interest in poker freerolls and these tourneys then please update your preferences on PokerDIY to NOT receive these
mails and be invited to these events. That’s fine with us – a lot of players prefer live games and we understand completely. Just go to the tab on the home page called “Freeroll Poker Leagues” and uncheck the “Receive Poker Freeroll Invites” checkbox and click “Update” and we won’t bother you again! (sorry, we assume new PokerDIY members are interested by default). You must be logged in to update your preferences.

Hopefully we’ll see you at the next freeroll and maybe even on the scoreboard!


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