The turn is where the action really heats up in a game of Unibet poker. Here are a few reasons why the temperature often increases.

When you find yourself on fourth-street, you will notice that your pot odds will start to disappear into the ether. Unless you have implied-odds of Yeti-sized proportions, most bet sizes will force you out of the pot, if you are behind when you head to the turn. So when you make your play on the flop, with a drawing hand, be aware of this idiom in advance and include it in the decision making process.

Board texture becomes important when you are drawing and facing a bet. Imagine the board is showing 7h 5h 2s Qh and you hold Ah Jc. A fourth heart on the river may stifle the action somewhat and you need to note this. But if you were holding 6d 8c on the same board, then a heartless four or nine is going to seem relatively harmless and you could get well paid.

Finally, by the time the turn has rolled into the town, you need to start paying due cognisance to the size of the pot. In deep-stacked tournament poker, you will see a lot of the professional’s exercising pot control on the turn. This is because, with one card to come, finding yourself pot committed without the best of it, is not a good situation to find yourself in. So be aware of the size of the pot, the size of your opponent’s stack and that of your own. Make sure you have made the decision to be pot committed before you are pot committed!


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