The Small Blind

One of the trickiest places to play poker from is from the small blind. This is because when you play from the small blind it is inevitable that you will be out of position for the entirety of the hand.

So how do those using the Betfair Poker code navigate ourselves through the minefield of small blinds that we inevitably come across during the battle that is poker? Firstly, keep it nice and simple – don’t make life tough for yourself. The game of poker is all about making difficult decisions for you opponents. You will have enough opponents trying to give you difficult decisions so don’t create them for yourself.

When your in the trench known as the small blind be aware where your attacks are coming from. The position of your attackers will give you an indication of what weaponry you can and cannot use. If your attacker has come from early position then you do not want to be going to war with a pea shooter like KTo. Remember to keep it simple. Always remember that you are playing against a range of hands and an early position raiser is at the top end of their range and select your hands accordingly. 

Betfair poker pundits note that the dynamic becomes more interesting when the attacks start to come from late position. You now have to start worrying significantly about the action of the big blind. You know the late position raiser has a wider range and so does the big blind. A cold call with a pocket pair for example could invite a three-bet from the big blind. So you need to start three-betting or folding from the small blind more often when faced with a raise from late position.

As usual when determining hand selection create it based on your opponents tendencies.



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