The Origami Champion of the World

The Origami champion of the world is the person who learns how to fold better than everyone else – poker is no different.

Learning how to fold could be one of the most important components in the game of poker so spend your hard earned time learning how to do it. On the face of it the process seems simple. All you have to do is click a button or mouth the words fold and slide the hand into the muck. In reality it is much more difficult and a lot more variables come into the equation. 

When faced with a decision to call or fold, those over at note that you will start to consider if you are ahead or behind of your opponents range. In addition to this, the little voice that lives in your head will be jabbing you with his pitchfork.

You cannot fold little girl!

People hate folding. It is not natural to them and maybe why so many of us do not take up Origami as a pastime! It is even more difficult when you know your opponent is very likely attacking you with a wide variety of bluffs, this is especially true if you find yourself out of position more often than not.

To continually fold against someone can be seen as a sign of weakness by those dishing out the betfair poker tips, but next time this spot comes up in a game you are playing in – reframe the situation. Poker is about recognising that a good spot has presented itself and then exploiting it. To continually fold until that spot presents itself is good solid poker. It doesn’t matter if your opponent takes $50 from you through death by a thousand cuts if you take $500 from that same opponent in one hand when the right spot comes along and you were prepared for it.


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