The September PokerDIY Freeroll Tournament

The PokerDIY Freeroll Tournament This is a free, monthly, online tournament open to all PokerDIY members. This Tournament will be held online this Saturday (30th) with CD Poker, at 12 PM EDT.

You are welcome to join the community (for free of course!) if you are not a member yet. We’d love to see you at the table!

Prize Money

  • 1st Place – $60
  • 2nd Place – $30
  • 3rd Place – $10

Tournament Rules

  • Freeze-out (i.e. The chips you start with are all you have!)
  • No biting or scratching!
  • Prizes will be paid out immediately after the Tournament
  • Entry to PokerDIY members only

The Tournament will be a standard, online Texas Hold’em No Limit game with as many 6-seater tables as needed for the amount of people who play (to be announced – entry is open until just before the Tournament starts).

Entry is of course free so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

How to Enter:
Please RSVP to this event….

Let us know on the Forums if you have any questions!


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