If you’re not yet using a Poker Odds Calculator, you’ll soon be wondering why.
At the end of the day poker is a question of math. Yes it’s true that sometimes your gut will speak and occasionally it will even be right; but ultimately if you want to constantly win you need to get a grip on the odds and play accordingly in a wise manner. We can’t help you with the latter, but we can help you with the first part of the equation – figuring out the odds.
PokerStop is a font of online

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knowledge, and in this particular area its field of expertise goes beyond advice, and actually does the work for you. A visit to the site might be just the thing you need in order to turn your game around. For the time being, PokerStop’s Poker Odds Calculator deals only with Texas Hold’em but it’s looking like they might expand the tool to Omaha and Stud in the future. The

Poker Odds Calculator

is very easy to use; simply select the number of players and feed the card values into the calculator. Hit the “Calculate” button and you’ll see the Poker Odds Calculator get going. After just a few seconds the Poker Odds Calculator will tell you what the chances each hand has of winning, tying, and loosing. Like we said, it’s then up to you to do something wise with that information.
The Poker Odds Calculator at PokerStop is the first step to becoming a better player.


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